Sponsoring & Support

Our Supporters throughout the years

Beside these great companies we also have a number of attendees, who paid an extra fee to support our idea of a wonderful Magento related Event. Here’s to the Supporters!

How can I become a Sponsor?

Become a sponsor

You would like to support us and sponsor the event? That’s great! Any of these three is happy to talk you through the options and find a solution that fits:

eMail: events@firegento.com


Thanks to our charming attendees we get blessed with additional payments. Here is a list of great people and companies that decided to support the spirit of community with their own money:

Do you blog? Spread the word!

You can support us by bringing our community idea into different channels. We need all the support we can get, any little tweet, Facebook or LinkedIn post or blog post is much appreciated!

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