What a great time we had!

In 2018, we were at a new venue in Cologne. At Tor28, our 150 attendees had four rooms for sessions and a big meeting room for barista made coffee, smoothies, air hockey and talks of course! Also new in 2018: Child care!
Check out these blog posts and photos for more insights into these two days filled with Magento content.

Sponsors, Supporter and Partner

Our Sponsors

We’d like to say a special and loud „Thank You!“ to our main sponsors, who decided to support the Magento community. They make it possible to have such a great event:

Our Supporters

We’d like to thank those of our attendees who spent a few additional bucks to help us create an awesome event:

Sascha Michalski, Stephan (Devincy GmbH), Simon Sprankel (CustomGento), Ole Schäfer (CustomGento), LimeSoda,, interSales AG, ambimax® GmbH, Paul Siedler (Netresearch), Tobias Kämpfe (Netresearch), Max Melzer (Netresearch), TRITUM GmbH, Flyingmana, srcoder, Andreas Müller (Netresearch), GastroHero GmbH, Stämpfli AG,, MageSpecialist, Ben Marks, Thomas von Gostomski (Wamoco), Bernhard Leers (Wamoco), Christoph Ehlers (Wamoco)



  • PWA Solutions for Magento

  • Magento local setup with docker

  • EVENT Photo

  • Sulu CMS + Magento 2 and Deity, Content full

  • Acceptance Testing with Codeception


  • phpstorm Shortcuts & Plugins

  • What the bleep is Open source – A day of a Magento employee

  • Kubernetes

  • Anatomy of Magento Bugs


  • M2 Import/Export, ERP with Akeneo batch, Rabbit MQ, FastSimpleExport

  • Projekt Management (again)

  • Discussion: Code of Conduct between Hosting and Agency

  • Modern Working time Models

The Photographer

  • Magento 1, how long may I run my old shop?

  • Zero Downtime deployment M2

  • Passing M2 Prof. Developer Exam

  • The world’s biggets LARP – Behind the scenes


  • How to handle growing dev teams

  • Monitoring for Magento

  • Rebuilding the checkout in reacht.js

  • Scale out Magento 2 at AWS


  • Continious Learning – how to stay up to date

  • Code Review

  • Magento 2 Live hacking with demo XSS, SQLi, …

  • JS Components – Best pratices


  • What to do for small projects

  • Presentation Perfection – The 11 P’s to your perfect talk

  • The dream of a perfect payment module

  • A Beginners Guide to Magento/Magento Community

The Photographer

  • Updateing M2 – Detecting changes

  • Updateing M2 – Detecting changes

  • Let’s share our fuck up stories

  • Re-decorating, Upgrading, Demolishing – to – Your 30’s house


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