Mage UnConference 2023

Cologne, Germany, 29.09. – 1.10.2023

Thanks to everyone who made the last UnConference as successful as it was. We are happy about all the positive feedback and we’re looking forward to seeing you all again next year at the #mageuc24.

An UnConference makes the coffee break a principle.
Judith Andresen

Spot yourself!

You took care of conversations and networking. We took care of pictures. Korbi was the “fleißiges Bienchen” with the camera. And here you can try to find you, your friends and people you perhaps will talk to next year!

It’s picture time — show me MageUC ’23 memories now

Your topics in ’23

Saturday, 30th of September

12:00How to continuously monitor/improve the shops performance
Max, Torben, Tsvetan, Jens, Jens R.
How to sell Magento these days?
Christian, AvS, Jonas, Jo
Hyvä Components UI – How to get the most of it?
Tailwind theme tokens
Laura, Maria, Sean
13:15How does Hyvä checkout work and how to customise it?
Felix, Tjitse
Current status of MageOS, How is the community?
Stephanie, Jo, Jeroen
Mage stories, ecommerce black stories
Bernhard, Fabian
14:00Group photo and lunch
15:00Q&A – Core web vitals – How to improve webvitals with cloudflare (Example, status assets, images)
Wouter, Jonas, Rana, Ruud
Machine learning in Magento (in PHP)
product recommendation, bought together, chatgpt
Parth, Fabian S.
Copilot or not to copilot, ChatGPT
Nils, Jo, Aljaz
15:45Let’s play a game and win a Molliephant
16:15Design 4 Hyvä
How could we implement an AI guided search or how to start? + Tech Innovation
Jannis, Wouter, Jo
Frontend tests with playwright or Cypress
Mathias, Thomas, Ole
17:00Cologne sightseeing with Andreas Mautz
20:00After show party at Eigelstein-Torburg, Eigelstein 135, 50668 Cologne

Sunday, 1st of October

10:30Copilot Livecoding
Foster Magento Marketing together
# Groubilding: Slack, Chat?
Open Discussion! How to work remote – Ideas, Solutions, Mindset
e3n, Wouter, David
11:45How to contibute to MageOS
David Lambauer
Multiverse of madness or BI from dev perspective
Replacement – Composer replace core magento moduls
13:30How we are using AI across business
DDEV Improve build time multiple websites + languages, Deploy, Autoscale, Failover
Michael, Henk, Tobias
Cookieless Tracking
14:45Fucking up projects, a manual
Fabian, Rico
AMA: Being an undertaker, Funerals
Korbi (The Photographer 2)
How to balance your team to the the most out of it

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Throwback #mageuc22

After all the years of Covid we finally meet again … and it was a great pleasure! Meeting people in person, having drinks, talks and a lot of fun!

Look back what you were part of or what you’ve missed last year!

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The Event Locations


Lokal Alte Feuerwache is located in a civic center – it is equipped child and disabled friendly. It offers a wide international menu at affordable prices and good quality in a friendly atmosphere for over 30 years.


Tor 28 is an event space used for very different kinds of events. Company events, workshops, exhibitions, cultural meetings and more find their home here. And so do we – at least for Mage UnConference.


Eigelstein-Torburg The Eigelsteintorburg has made a name for itself as an event location in more than 20 years for unique events with unforgettable moments.

Recommended Accommodation

Around the corner of Tor28, you find a youth hostel called DJH Youth Hostel Cologne Pathpoint. The building was a protestant church that now opens its doors to all kinds of travellers. It is located near to the central station.

And if you prefer a „real“ hotel, we can recommend any of the Motel One’s

Motel One

Am Kümpchenshof 2
50670 Köln

+49 221 270751-0

Motel One

Hans-Imhoff-Straße 3
50679 Köln

+49 221 670027-0

Motel One

Tel-Aviv-Straße 6
50676 Köln

+49 221 272 595-0

Motel One

Cäcilienstraße 32
50667 Köln

+49 221 292 692-0

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