Whether you’d like to reminisce about memorable moments, recapitulate what you’ve learned during the sessions, or just find out what other attendees think of MageUnconference – these slides and blog posts will help you do just that.

Sponsors, Supporter and Partner

Our Sponsors

We’d like to say a special and loud „Thank You!“ to our main sponsors, who decided to support the Magento community. They make it possible to have such a great event:

Our supporters

We’d like to thank those of our attendees who spent a few additional bucks to help us create an awesome event:

Peter van Westen (Regular Labs), Carsten Stech, Kevin Krieger, e3N GmbH & Co. KG, Jeroen, Simon Sprankel (Modulwerft), Stämpfli AG, LimeSoda,, KaWa commerce, Talesh, Jacques Bodin-Hullin, Andreas von Studnitz, Christian Philipp, Sandro Wagner, Viktor Franz, Fabian Schmengler, Daniel Riemer, Peter Jaap, Stephan Hochdörfer, Florian Horn, Ben Marks, team neusta, Roger – Get.Noticed, Carsten Stech (Splendid Internet GmbH & Co. KG)

Our media Partner


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