2019 is going to be the year where MageUnconference is in the same location for a second time.

Event Location

Tor 28 is an event space used for very different kinds of events. Company events, workshops, exhibitions, cultural meetings and more find their home here. And so do we. At least for MageUnconference 2019.

Recommended Accommodation

Around the corner of Tor28, you find a youth hostel called DJH Youth Hostel Cologne Pathpoint. The building was a protestant church that now opens its doors to all kinds of travellers. It is located near to the central station.

Motel One

If you prefer more of a hotel atmosphere, check out Motel One. They now have three hotels in Cologne.

We have reserved rooms available!

If you want to stay at one of two Motel One hotels, feel free to book a room of our reserved rooms quota with the keywords "Magento UnConference" via telephone or email!

Motel One Waidmarkt

Motel One Köln-Waidmarkt
Tel-Aviv-Straße 6
50676 Köln

fon: +49 (221) 272 595-0

Motel One Neumarkt

Motel One Köln-Neumarkt
Cäcilienstraße 32
50667 Köln

fon: +49 (221) 292 692-0

Notice: The Motel One Neumarkt is a bit more expensive than the others and requires booking via this PDF.

These rooms are available till 18.10.2019. Any remaining rooms after this date will be open for regular booking. Please book your room soon as cologne is a very busy city with a lot of fairs and business travelers!