Officially, the MageUnconference takes place on Saturday and Sunday. Since many attendees arrive on Friday, we prepare a pre-party for you.


On Friday we provide a place for you to meet and talk. If you would like to support this gathering by sponsoring drinks or even food, we look forward to hearing from you!

It's the weekend - MageUnconference officially begins!


We meet on Saturday. After checking you all in and a sip of coffee, we start with some opening words. Afterwards, it's your task to select topics for the day. Topics are introduced in a short manner so everyone knows what their voting choices are. You vote. We count votes and build a timetable for the day.
The next few hours will be topics and breaks with food and drinks.
This is your time to shine with a great talk. Or take it as an opportunity to gather feedback on your new project. Make it a session that helps your peers.

After Show Party

On Saturday evening, there will be an after show party. Plenty of time and space for all of you to mingle, chat, dance, eat and drink.


On the second day of the MageUnconference, we repeat the topic selection and voting process, as well as building a timetable.
Again, coffee breaks and lunch and of course topics will give you plenty of food (for thought).
Sunday is the day of second chances in case you didn't have the courage to propose a talk on Saturday. Always remember: If your talk made it through the voting, you can be sure that people are interested in hearing more about it. Grab that chance! You can read more about sessions here.

The last session is usually in the late afternoon. After a big farewell, we look forward to seeing your reviews, feedback and tweets from your way home.